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NYSSA Summary Page (July 5, 2001)

Copied below is the summary page of the "Forum Program" as it appeared on the NYSSA web site on July 5, 2001, shortly before the program's conclusion.

The referenced documents which had been published on the NYSSA web site are provided now on this web site.  Selected news reports of the NYSSA programs are listed on a reference page.


Forum Program

NYSSA's Corporate Governance & Shareholder Rights Committee


NYSSA's Committee for Corporate Governance initiated a program of “Forum” case studies in 1999 to focus investor attention on the practical analysis of value enhancement opportunities associated with corporate governance and control issues.

Each Forum is intended to illustrate different issues, addressing three essential “governance” questions to be considered by an investment decision-maker:

  • Use of assets: Is management making the best use of corporate assets for the benefit of the owners, measured in terms of shareholder value?

  • Board qualifications: Can existing or proposed members of the board be relied upon to establish strategic goals and monitor the performance of executive officers?

  • Shareholder rights: Do shareholders have the available means and effective ability to exercise their rights?

Procedures and conditions of participation are defined specifically in each case to assure a fair and open forum for the presentation of all relevant views, and to provide NYSSA volunteers an opportunity to demonstrate the applications of professional analytical methods.

Gary Lutin has been a co-sponsor and adviser of each of the Forums shown below.

  • National Presto Forum: Value of Corporate Governance Actions
    Status: Research and analyses completed April 1999; Forum Reports released by NYSSA December 1999 with revised analyses of NYSSA members, and statements of National Presto management. As of October 2000: shareholder lawsuit for breaches of directors' duties had been dropped in response to demand for bonding of potential costs under Wisconsin law; reported SEC investigations of requirements for registration as Investment Company remained unresolved; stock price declined to less than value of cash reserves. Continued monitoring to be reported. Continued monitoring to be reported.

    1. SUMMARY

    2. FORUM REPORTS (In *PDF format.)

  • Dun & Bradstreet Forum: Strategic Alternatives
    Status: Forum suspended January 2000, pending further developments, in response to change in D&B management position to accommodate shareholder demands; company satisfactorily implemented plan to split into independent D&B and Moody's units.


NYSSA is proud to provide a forum for analysis and debate on issues relating to corporate governance and shareholder rights. The matters stated by participants do not necessarily represent a consensus of beliefs, and they do not constitute statements by NYSSA.

NYSSA makes no representation concerning the accuracy, completeness or timeliness of information conveyed by speakers in meetings or by authors in written communications. The speakers and authors are solely responsible for the content of their presentations.

Meaningful discourse often involves discussion among persons who flatly disagree with each other. NYSSA believes it can accomplish more by providing a forum receptive to divergent views than by endorsing one side of an issue. NYSSA urges all listeners and readers to participate actively in the analysis and debate, to question the correctness of statements that are made, and to reach their own independent conclusions.

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Material dated between January 1999 and July 2001 was originally published on the web site of the New York Society of Security Analysts ("NYSSA"), and was provided by Gary Lutin as co-sponsor of a "Forum Program" conducted for public educational purposes with NYSSA's Committee for Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights during that period. Material dated after July 2001 was not published by the NYSSA unless specifically indicated.

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