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PAIS Panel: Summary & Reference

The material copied below had been published on a web site maintained by the New York Society of Security Analysts ("NYSSA"), and was accessible from a link on a summary page for the Forum Program.



Performance Analysis & Information Standards ("PAIS") Panel


The purpose of the "PAIS" Panel is to develop recommendations of new standards for communications between analysts and the companies they cover.


Questions about what information is needed and how the requirements are defined, particularly in the changing context of "New Economy" companies, were identified during the July 11, 2000 open meeting of the NYSSA Forum, "Amazon.com: Responsibility for Investment Information," sponsored by the Committee for Corporate Governance. The PAIS Panel was formed to conduct hearings on relevant issues to determine how analysts and companies should exchange information to maintain a fair and orderly market, with the following initial members:

  • Gary Lutin, Lutin & Company (Chairman)

  • Peter F. Brennan, CFA, Chairman, NYSSA's Corporate Governance & Shareholder Rights Committee

  • Charles M. Elson, Director, Delaware Center for Corporate Governance

  • Elizabeth A. Fender, Director, Accounting Standards, AICPA

  • James C. Goodale, former Vice Chairman of the New York Times and host of PBS TV's "Telecommunications & Information Revolution"

  • Russell Grandinetti, Treasurer, Amazon.com

  • Faye I. Landes, Senior Research Analyst, Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.

  • Kurt N. Schacht, COO, Evergreen Asset Management

The Panel will be conducting a series of open meetings to address specific issues, inviting authoritative guest speakers to present the views of company executives and directors, auditors, regulators, journalists, and others who share a common interest in providing reliable information for investment decisions.






Material dated between January 1999 and July 2001 was originally published on the web site of the New York Society of Security Analysts ("NYSSA"), and was provided by Gary Lutin as co-sponsor of a "Forum Program" conducted for public educational purposes with NYSSA's Committee for Corporate Governance and Shareholder Rights during that period. Material dated after July 2001 was not published by the NYSSA unless specifically indicated.

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