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2019 HC2 Holdings, Inc. Shareholder Survey

Shareholder Survey

Results of Survey



Shareholder Survey

(initiated September 10, 2019, open for one week)

Supporting records:


Results of Survey


10 Sep 

26 Sep

27 Sep

27 Jan

7 Feb

18 Feb

[21 Feb

20 Mar 

14 May

11 Jun

17 Jun

- Survey initiated

- HC2 management responds to survey, initiates investor outreach

- Survey results reported to participants

- Gorzynski (MG Capital) reports acquiring 5.0%, seeking management change

- Glazer reports acquiring 6.5% ownership

- Gorzynski (MG Capital) announces nomination of dissident slate of directors

, continuing, market reacts to coronavirus pandemic]

- Singer (JDS1) reports forming group with 5.5% ownership

- HC2 agrees with Glazer, Gorzynski & Singer to reconstitute board with representatives of each

- HC2 reports new board's replacement of CEO

- HC2's new chairman Glazer reports new purchases increasing ownership to 9.9% of HC2 shares








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