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Welcome to the North State Communications Blog.

by Royster Tucker, III on July 6, 2011 · Leave a Comment

Welcome to the North State Communications Blog. We are excited to share with you many things about this digitally charged world in which we live and work in.

North State is a 114 year old company that began “connecting” people as a local and Long Distance Phone Company. Over the many years we have connected a lot of people and have been a part of all the changes in technology. Today we are one of the nation’s largest broadband providers, offering a variety of products and services that (you guessed it) make life easier and more “connected” for the average person, but as also provide local businesses with the tools they need to increase productivity and enhance their interaction with customers and suppliers.

We are living in the midst of an unprecedented “digital explosion”, where the Internet, applications, faster connections, high definition video, smart mobile devices, tablets, and many other things have changed the way that we connect, collaborate, socialize and conduct business. We call it the “digital life”, and we look at our company as an enabler of the “digital life” and “digital business”. We’ve come a long way from being just the local phone company.

Everyone has a unique way of making digital products fit into their lives or into their business model. On one end of the spectrum is the heavy “digital lifer”, who is constantly connected to some form of electronic/digital device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and can’t imagine being disconnected. On the opposite end are the light users, who typically check their email or talk on the phone a few times a day (most of our customers fall somewhere in the middle).

Finding the mix that is right for you takes some experimenting. As new devices and services become available, you have to ask yourself this question: how does this new technology fit into and enhance my digital life?

You might enjoy entertainment from the Internet from short video sites like You Tube, and your favorite programs in stunning HD video on your new wide-screen LED TV. You may be all mobile, choosing a Smartphone or a tablet as the primary device to organize you and move you through the day (Have you seen all that you can do with an IPad? Wow!). Or, you many enjoy a “home entertainment” kind of experience. The point is, there is a blend or a mix of ways of living the digital life that are unique to individuals as well as unique to households.

As mobile broadband continues to evolve, many are wondering if it will overtake hardwired broadband connections as the preferred way for consumers to access the Internet. Our take on it: why can’t they co-exist? It’s all about the experience when it comes down to it. Wired or fixed broadband connections will do the “heavy lifting” of your digital life in your home like bringing you HD television in a new way that offers breathtaking picture quality. But it all works together. A recent report states about 70% of the time spent on IPads is in front of a television. So while you may be watching your favorite shows recorded in brilliant HD, you are probably also checking Twitter, Facebook and sending out a few text messages as well. It’s your digital life and how you live it is unique to you. These are exciting times!

At North State, we provide our customers with all the “digital lifestyle” products of today: broadband internet, digital tv, wireless broadband and more. In this blog, we’ll discuss a variety of issues and topics that are important to us, sharing what we see as working well in our industry and for consumers, as well as things that may not work quite as well.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our blog. We invite you to come back often and see what’s new, and look forward to becoming part of your “digital life”.

All the best.

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