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Newsday Monitoring of CA Issues

2001 - 2002

Newsday, acting effectively as the paper of record for news about the locally prominent Computer Associates, established a web site titled "Complete Coverage of the CA Proxy Fight" which presented articles and reference documents for comprehensive monitoring of the 2001 proxy contest.  The pioneering application of electronic publishing was maintained through November 2002 with continuing updates.

An edited version of the site remains available as an archive of the Newsday articles through November 2002, but without most of the earlier links to other reference material:

"Newsday Coverage of Computer Associates"

The web site's contents, with active links, are copied below as they appeared in August 2004.

(Newsday's coverage of the 2001 Computer Associates proxy fight won the national business journalism competition sponsored by the Society of American Business Editors and Writers.  See Newsday, March 28, 2004: "Newsday Wins Award for CA Proxy Series.")


Business: Long Island and New York City


Newsday Coverage of Computer Associates


Computer Associates of Islandia, one of Long Island's largest companies, has been on a turbulent ride in recent years -- from a proxy fight over control of the board to lawsuits over the company's finances. Here is a look at Newsday's coverage of the company and its leaders.

November 2002 Coverage
  Analyst: CA May Have Cash Problem   (11/14)
October 2002 Coverage
  Suit Points Finger At CA's Top Executives  (10/28)
  CA Reports Reduction In Net Loss   (10/23)
September 2002 Coverage
  Suit Challenges CA's Sales Incentives  (9/12)

August 2002 Coverage
  CA 'Trying to Do Things Right'  (8/29)
  CA Jets Used For Personal Travel  (8/28)
  Report: Wyly Snubbed CA Seat  (8/27)
  Take Charge Guy  (8/25)
  Wang Eyes Shot At Landing Nets  (8/24)
  Group: Withhold CA Votes  (8/23)
  CA's Move To Expense Stock Options  (8/18)
  CA Records Certified  (8/10)
  Shareholder Files Suit Against CA   (8/2)

July 2002 Coverage
  Taking Stock of Options   (7/30)
  Despite Shift, CA Spin-Off on Course (7/26)
  Wyly Gets Paid $10M To Call Off CA Bid  (7/25)
  CA Shares Plunge to 9-Year Low  (7/24)
  CA Fires 10 Workers in Alleged Commission-Padding  (7/23)
  CA Filing Discloses Auditor Fees  (7/18)
  4 to Depart CA Board   (7/17)
  Two May Step Down From CA Board  (7/16)
  Kumar Blasts Wyly in Talk to Workers  (7/3)

June 2002 Coverage
  Wyly vs. CA, Round 2  (6/28)
  New CA Proxy Battle Likely   (6/27)
  CA Directors' Buying Spree   (6/26)
  CA Faces Discrimination Suit  (6/25)
  Signs Point Away From Another CA Proxy Fight  (6/21)
  CA Facing New Round Of Gender Complaints  (6/14)
  Grasso Conflicts Raise Some Concern   (6/7)
  CA Threatened With Patent Suit   (6/5)

May 2002 Coverage
  FBI Widens CA Investigation  (5/21)
  CA Adds New Rules, Members to Board  (5/17)
  CA Adds New Rules, Members to Board  (5/17)
  Shareholder Sues Over CA Figures  (5/16)
  In Turbulent Times, Smaller Loss for CA  (5/15)
  Filing Shows Fidelity Selling Nearly Half Its CA Holdings  (5/13)
  Fidelity Sells CA Shares   (5/10)

April 2002 Coverage
  CA's 4th-Quarter Outlook Has Improved  (4/9)
  Wang To Exit Symbol Board  (4/10)
  CA Rebuffs Report, Defends Top Officers  (4/13)
  CA's Latest Opponent: Uncle Sam   (4/22)
  CA Announces Changes  (4/22)
  CA Software's Watchful Eye  (4/23)
  Giuliani On the CA Circut  (4/23)
  CA Settles With Feds for $638,000  (4/24)
  Next Year Its Vegas  (4/24)

March 2002 Coverage
  Moody's Downgrades CA Debt Rating  (3/2)
  CA Stock Stable in Face of Lower Debt-Rating  (3/4)
  Their Faith's in the Numbers  (3/4)
  CA Stock Stable in Face of Lower Debt-Rating  (3/5)
  Merrill Won't Back CA Model Of Accounting  (3/7)
  SEC Questioned CA in Oct  (3/8)
  CA Mum on Nature of Recent Probes  (3/13)
  CA to Issue Bonds  (3/14)
  CA/Symbol Hit With Class Action Suits  (3/19)
  Wyly Wants CA's Top 3 Execs Ousted  (3/27)
  CA Adds Former SEC Exec To Board  (3/28)

February 2002 Coverage
  Shareholders File Suit Against CA  (2/26)
 Impending Probe Hurts CA Stock (2/25)
  CA Chief Confirms SEC Investigation  (2/23)
  CA Shares Fall Below 52-Week Low  (2/22)
  CA Also Facing SEC Inquiry  (2/21)
  CA Faces FBI Probe On Accounting  (2/20)
  CA Reveals Threat To Computer Systems  (2/19)
  CA Stock Rallies Amid Bond Sale Pullout  (2/8)
  Credit Agency's Concerns Deal Blow to CA Shares   (2/7)
  Ranger Goverance: We Told You So  (2/6)
  Moody's: CA "On Review"  (2/5)

January 2002 Coverage
  CA Shares Sharply Lower Again (1/31)
  CA: Profit By Next Year  (1/23)
  CA To Web Conference Earnings Tuesday  (1/21)
  Giuliani To Be Keynoter At CA World  (1/14)
  CA Execs Say Tech Looking Up  (1/7)
  Wang's Greeting Leaves Questions  (1/3)

December Coverage
  Billionaire Lightens His CA Holdings  (12/14)
  Wall Street Splits On CA  (12/3)

November Coverage
  CA Expands In China  (11/28)
  CA Launches New Branding Strategy  (11/26)
  Haefner Pares CA Holdings  (11/17)
  CA Webcast Slated   (11/13)
  CA Poison Pill To Expire in 5 Years  (11/10)

October Coverage
  CA Reports Loss of $291M (10/19)
  CA Announces 900 Job Cuts  (10/12)

  Key Points of Severance Package   (10/12)

September Coverage
  Long Island Companies Offer Aid To WTC Victims  (9/13)
  Ca's Kumar: Mainframe Sales Will Increase In Q4   (9/6)
  CA Board Won't Accept Status Quo (9/5)
  CA Wins Battle Not Wall Street  (9/3)

August Coverage
  Good Lessons Emerge From CA Battle (8/31)
  Landslide Vote Ends CA Battle  (8/30)
  A Win, Then a Vow  (8/30)
  Vitello: You've Got to Hand It To Wang  (8/30)
  Kumar Stands By Old Friend  (8/30)
  Laughter Wang's Best Medicine (8/30)
  Whew! LI Businesses Exhale After CA Vote (8/30)
  Not Your Ordinary Meeting (8/30)
  Wyly Plans to Keep Eye on CA (8/30)
  An Endorsement For Al D'Amato (8/30)
  Workers Happy With The Status Quo (8/30)
  CA Countdown (8/29)
  Wyly Candidates Speak Out (8/28)
  Which Way For CA? No Matter Who Wins Showdown, Change Is Certain(8/27)
  In the Middle of Big Battle(8/27)
  Changes Promised (8/25)
  McCall Sticks With CA(8/24)
  Wang: No Deals Before Vote(8/23)
  More Legal Wrangling Over CA(8/22)
  Key Advisory Firm Opposes Wang(8/22)
  CA Workers' Proxy Votes May Not Be Confidential(8/19)
  Firm Reverses,Urging VoteFor CA Rival(8/18)
  Retreat, Not Surrender(8/17)
  A Rollercoaster Proxy Fight (8/17)
  Already Voted? How New Cards Count(8/17)
  Forum Leader Seeks CA Info(8/14)
  All or None For Wyly On Seats(8/14)
  Wyly's Bid Takes a Hit (8/12)
  The Great Investor(8/12)
  CA's Roots Trace To Switzerland(8/12)
  Errors Fly As Two Companies Battle for CA(8/8)
  Wyly Blames Typo for Error in Proxy for Mix-up(8/4)
  CA's Battle With Former Employees(8/3)
  Wyly Files Part of CA Study(8/3)
  Survey: Good News, Bad News for CA(8/2)
  CA Won't Block Survey's Release(8/2)
  CA Expected to Respond to Wyly's Countersuit(8/1)

  July Coverage

  June Coverage

  Excerpts of Interview with CA Executives Charles Wang and Sanjay Kumar
  Excerpts of Interview with Sam Wyly

  Computer Associates International Inc.
  Ranger Governance Ltd.
  Calpers Information on CA

  Top 100 CA Company Profile
  CA Executive Compensation

  Bloomberg News (8/16/01) (7/23/01)
  The Washington Post (6/22/01)
  Financial Times (6/24/01)
  The Industry Standard (4/26/99)
  Statement by California Public Employees' Retirement System (2/24/98)

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