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Returns on Corporate Capital™

—- comparisons of company returns based on GAAP-defined performance measurements —-


produced according to defined methodology and specifications with data provided by

EDGAR Online, a division of Donnelley Financial Solutions,

from SEC records of each subject company’s audited statements




This website is intended only for the use of Forum participants in a private workshop project to define "Returns on Corporate Capital."




inviting comments on test graph

This is a test graph, presented for review by Forum participants interested in offering suggestions to refine the analysis as well as the graphing tool. It should be understood that this test graph is designed only for workshop development use, and does not have the functionality or universe of corporate data that will be provided in a version designed for public use.

See the June 14, 2017 Forum Report: Inviting Comments on Proposed Definition of “Returns on Corporate Capital.”¯

 Returns on Corporate Capital

The definition of Returns on Corporate Capital ("ROCC") has been developed in a workshop project of the Shareholder Forum to provide a consistent measure for comparing corporate performance.

Following the workshop's June 16, 2016 report inviting comments to refine both the definition of the ROCC analysis and the graphing tool for its use, a wide range of professional and academic participants contributed their expertise to assure consideration of all relevant corporate and investor decision-making interests. The project benefited particularly from the initial research contributions of Organizational Capital Partners and Shareholder Value Advisors, and from the data management and integrity expertise of EDGAR Online.

For an example of ROCC application as a foundation for analyses of executive compensation, see

New York Times | Fair Game

June 17, 2016

"How to Gauge a C.E.O.’s Value?

Hint: It’s Not the Share Price"


For related applications to analyses of stock buyback proposals, see the workshop Buyback Analysis and the following reports of its development

Forum Report

August 11, 2016

Measuring Comparative Results of Buybacks and Reinvestment


New York Times | Fair Game

August 12, 2016

"A Simple Test to Dispel the Illusion

Behind Stock Buybacks"



Permission is granted to republish images of the graphs of Returns on Corporate Capital as presented on this website with their full statements of source and copyright information, or as otherwise specifically approved to satisfactorily describe the analysis and sources, and to respect the intellectual property rights of both the Shareholder Forum and its cited contributors of research.

Information requests and suggestions of research applications for Returns on Corporate Capital or variations of the analysis can be addressed to the Shareholder Forum at


The information provided to Forum participants is intended for their private reference, and permission has not been granted for the republishing of any copyrighted material other than as specifically stated. The material presented on this web site is the responsibility of Gary Lutin, as chairman of the Shareholder Forum.

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